Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems of the University of Zaragoza

The MQB is structured in 60 ECTS, which are distributed into 3 compulsory courses (3 x 6 ECTS, blue), 6 optational courses (3 x 4 ECTS, purple) and a master project (30 ECTS, navy blue).


Number of students: 20

Language: English (B2)

Student access requirement: Grade in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary and Food Science and Technology

Admission criteria: Academic CV and training related to master courses (70% preferentially for Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Physics or Biology graduates)




Compulsory courses: 18 ECTS

Optional courses: Students must choose 12 ECTS

Master Project: 30 ECTS