Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems of the University of Zaragoza

The MQB is structured in 60 ECTS, which are distributed into 3 compulsory courses (3 x 6 ECTS, blue), 6 optational courses (3 x 4 ECTS, purple) and a master project (30 ECTS, navy blue).


Number of students: 20

Language: English (B2)

Student access requirement: Grade in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary and Food Science and Technology

Admission criteria: Academic CV and training related to master courses (70% preferentially for Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Physics or Biology graduates)


Compulsory courses: 18 ECTS

Optional courses: Students must choose 12 ECTS

Master Project: 30 ECTS

  • For the development of the Master Project, the student selects one of the proposed research lines and joins the corresponding research group or private company, being actively involved in the group activities and researches, with a hands-on approach on either experimental work or computational modeling, depending on the selected topic. This gives him/her the opportunity to master the laboratory techniques and  computing tools available at the BIFI Institute, or to get acquainted with  the daily activity and research of a biotechnological company, providing him/her the necessary knowledge  to start his/her own career in academy or industry.


Further details:

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Calendar and Timetables 2019/20:

The calendar of the School of Science can be found at:

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Classes will start, in the fist semester, on October, 14th, and will last 10 weeks. However, on October 2,3,4, students can attend introductory lectures in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Programming (Octave/Matlab), scheduled in the mornings, 9-13 am.  Attending these introductory courses is optional, but strongly recommended for people without a previouse experience in those fields.